Our decision on whether your dog will go in the pool or treadmill will be based on our knowledge and experience. It will be influenced by your pet’s general health, it’s condition, size and behaviour. We find that a combination of pool and treadmill treatment can be very successful in treating some conditions such as hip dysplasia.

Our pool is one of the largest canine hydrotherapy pools in the area. The large pool allows for free swimming and provides space for the hydrotherapist to perform exercise techniques on the dogs.  

It’s also great for fun and fitness swimming as dogs can chase and retrieve toys.

The pool has gently sloping entry and exit ramps and is heated to a temperature of between 28°C – 30°C. Water quality is maintained by using bromine which is less harsh on your dog’s skin than chlorine. The water is tested 3 times per day to maintain the highest quality and to provide a safe environment for your dog. We also have a resting platform for your dog which allows us to perform massage to affected muscles whilst in the warm water.

The treadmill is an extremely beneficial tool in early rehabilitation after surgery. It is also particularly effective for treating spinal conditions which could be worsened by swimming in a pool. It allows us to be hands on with the patient and clearly observe and correct gait irregularities. A hydrotherapist will be inside the chamber with your dog and provide support, assistance and reassurance to them.

The water height and speed at which the treadmill belt will move are adjustable and we tailor each treatment specifically to the needs of each dog. We also have an incline option so patients can walk uphill if suitable for their recovery.


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