We offer three services:
1) Rehabilitation
2) Stronger for Longer
3) Fun & Fitness


- Post surgery treatment to aid recovery and rebuild muscle

- Treatment of injuries such as cruciate ligament tears and ruptures

- Fracture recovery

- Treatment of spinal conditions 

We will make an assessment of your dog’s condition and liaise with your vet to decide whether the pool or the underwater treadmill is the best treatment option for your circumstances. We may in some cases develop a programme which combines both pool and treadmill.

Stronger for Longer

This is suitable for patients either following on from a rehabilitation programme or those that may need long term or life long treatment. 

- To maintain or improve mobility in senior dogs

- Improve core strength and balance

- Arthritis management

- General stiffness

- Hip Dysplasia/Elbow Dysplasia

- Degenerative conditions

- Weight loss

As dogs age we often see them slow down, stiffness can set in and it can become harder for them to stand after lying down. Swimming can really help with mobility issues for such dogs. Regular swimming strengthens muscles, improves core strength and balance, improves cardiovascular fitness, enhances mental wellbeing, it allows exercise without weight bearing on painful or stiff joints. 

The properties of the warm water can also help to reduce pain and swelling and can improve blood circulation. We’ve seen some amazing improvements in the mobility of arthritic dogs. They visibly love their weekly swim sessions and improve their quality of life at the same time.

Keep your dog stronger for longer and book in for regular sessions!

Fun & Fitness

Dogs don’t need to be injured or have a medical condition to benefit from Hydrotherapy. At Bluestone we have a large pool which enables free swimming. We use a range of exciting toys and motivational methods to enable your dog to get a good workout and have fun at the same time. These swims are great for cardio vascular fitness, core strength and mental stimulation. They also keep your dog fit and strong reducing risk of injury, improving mobility as they age. If you like to see your dog have a great time, whilst improving it’s condition then book in for regular fitness and fun swims.

Puppies (up to 6 months) – early introduction to water in a safe and controlled environment can help your puppy gain vital confidence and learn to love the water from an early age. Swimming is also a great way to exercise your pup and burn off energy without over stressing growing bones and joints.

Puppies should have had their 1st vaccinations and be house trained.


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