Canine Hydrotherapy is a recognised form of rehabilitation to aid dogs in their recovery after injury, or surgery. The treatment uses the properties of water to rehabilitate and improve function, mobility and wellbeing.

- Post surgery rehabilitation

- Pre surgery preparation

- Hip Dysplasia

- Elbow Dysplasia

- Cruciate ligament injuries and disease

- Hip replacement surgery

- Patella luxation

- Osteoarthritis

- Age related reduced mobility and general stiffness

- CDRM (Degenerative Myleopathy)

- Fracture recovery

- Spinal conditions and injuries

- Neurological conditions

- Mental wellbeing

So, what are the benefits of Hydrotherapy?

Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness

- Increase in core strength and improve balance – great for older dogs

- A natural anti-inflammatory and can reduce swelling

- Can significantly improve the rate of healing following injury or surgery

- Build muscle strength prior to surgery, promote faster healing after surgery and in some cases even prevent surgery being necessary

- Safe form of exercise without the stresses or forces on joints which are associated with walking on hard ground

- Increased circulation of blood to muscles promoting healing and recovery

- Improves cardio vascular fitness

- Alleviates muscle spasm

- Improves general health and promotes well being

- Swimming is also loads of fun for (most!) dogs


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