The initial assessment will last up to 1 hour allowing time for your dog to become familiar with the environment. Sessions thereafter are 30 mins.

It is our aim for you both to relax and for us to gain the trust of your dog (some dogs are suspicious that we could be a vet surgery in disguise!). We will take the time to discuss your dog’s case in detail and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.

We will then take some measurements of your dog such as their weight and limb muscle mass as we will use this information to track their progress throughout their treatment programme and feedback to your vet at a later stage.

We will shower your dog to warm up muscles and remove any dirt from their coats before fitting them with either a harness or a buoyancy coat and then we will introduce them to either the pool or the under water treadmill.

The first session in water will be a short one. The exercise itself is demanding in addition to new surroundings, new people and new equipment it can all be rather daunting but we want to keep the experience as positive as possible so your dog will be happy to return. We increase the duration of each treatment gradually.

After each session your dog will be showered again and if you would like we can shampoo them (we recommend not more than once every three weeks). Please bring a towel with you and we will towel dry them as best we can. We have specialist dryers here you are welcome to use.


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