Your pet’s safety, wellbeing and recovery is our priority – always.

We are members of the Hydrotherapy industry’s governing body – NARCH so you can be assured that we meet the highest standards in our care, treatment and water quality.

As we are members of NARCH, many pet insurance providers will cover the cost of our treatments but do check with your particular provider.

We always get into the pool with your dog - they will never be in the water on their own.

Dogs will wear buoyancy aids or harnesses when in the pool or treadmill (the only exception may be due to a medical or behavioural issue).

We will only treat your dog with your vet’s approval (called a referral).

This is to ensure that we have their full medical history before they start a treatment programme. We will contact your vet on your behalf to obtain this referral so you don’t have to.

We will work closely with your vet and keep them updated on your dog’s progress by providing detailed recovery reports.

Our Hydrotherapists are professionally trained to NARCH industry standards.

We understand that some dogs (and their owners) may be nervous so you won’t be rushed through your appointment. We promise to give you ample time and reassurance to provide the most positive experience possible.

We will help with your insurance claims and liaise with your insurance provider where appropriate.

It is the aim of Bluestone to help improve your dog’s quality of life for the rest of its life.


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